Web Development

Web Development

Your website is the main point of contact for most customers. It needs to be engaging and easy to use, as well as reflect your organisation’s brand values. At Level, just as your business is unique, we treat every website as unique. We design a custom website layout to best suit your brand, the information you want to convey and the users who will be visiting your site. You may be looking for a simple website that gives you an online presence for business referrals or an e-commerce site complete with point of sale software for product sales. We are also able to assist with the development of database systems to manage the ‘back-end’ of your business for customer management or stock control.

WordPress content management system

All our websites are built using a WordPress content management system (CMS). This means that once the site is built you will have the option to access the site and update content and imagery yourself, with full training provided. If you’re too busy for this, we’re always here to help. There are over 75 million WordPress websites around the world so your WordPress site is built on an established, mature platform. To ensure your site stays protected, we provide the option of a WordPress maintenance plan, where we’ll test your site against any new WordPress major releases and critical security patches before they’re deployed to make sure they will be compatible with your site. If any changes are required to your site, we’ll make those at no extra cost.

Responsive website design and search engine optimisation (SEO)

With websites now being viewed more often on tablets and phones than desktop computers, it is essential that your site is responsive. We build all our sites on a responsive framework which means that no matter what screen you view it on, the website will resize and adjust to look always look its best. We also build our sites in a way that is optimal for SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, which is a critical to ensure your business is found on the web. There are basic rules to follow when creating both the structure of your site and the content within your site, which will enhance SEO and thereby improve your organic search rankings on search engines, especially Google, which the most popular search engine platform in New Zealand. As well as ensuring you have high quality, relevant website content, there are a range of other tools we use to improve your website’s SEO, including: Keywords, key phrase searches, great content, blogging/vlogging and linking. We also use your Google Analytics reports, Adwords performance (if you are using paid advertising) and competitor analysis to look at other ways to improve SEO.

Hosting with Level

At Level, we provide website hosting for our clients, as well as ongoing support and maintenance for your new website to suit your requirements. Our server is constantly monitored and we capture daily backups which are retained for 7 days so your site will always be safe. However, the biggest advantage of hosting your site with Level is that the people who design, write and maintain your site also host it so as well as having a direct contact to support, we’re also the best placed to make any performance related changes to your site to ensure that it’s operating to its full potential.