Once you have your logo and branding established, Level can help you produce all the marketing material that you need to help deliver your key messages to your target audiences.

Printed materials

Printed collateral or marketing material includes everything from stationery, such as business cards, letterheads and invoice statements, to flyers, posters and brochures. Every single one of these items exists to help your customers, whether it be to find your business, engage with your business or even pay your bills! Therefore it’s really important that you take the time to get them right. Consider every piece of marketing collateral a chance to sell your business, your values and your brand. We work with you to ensure you’re making the most of everything you produce, to ensure the branding is consistent, the messages are right and the quality is spot on. We also work with select local and national printers and sign writers to guarantee our great designs are expertly produced, and can also coordinate the delivery of your materials via the national postage service.


Website design is a unique skill, with website designers needing to have a great understanding of the user interface – how visitors to a website want to use and interact with a website – and search engine optimisation (SEO). To do this, we take the time to really delve into the purpose of your new website, so we can design a site structure that will ensure all your potential website visitors easily find the information they are looking for, in a logical way. Your website’s structure, layout and content also have a huge impact on how it is perceived by search engines, so if your site has been well designed and you have great content, you will have much more success with organic search engine rankings. Also critical to great website design is the need for a responsive website that is attractive and functional on any device, whether it’s a mobile, tablet or desktop. Our website designers take pride in building websites that look great on any platform.

Corporate publications

We specialise in designing high quality, professional, accurate corporate communications for a range of clients, with documents including annual and quarterly reports, shareholders’ reports, annual plans and strategy documents. If your company has reporting requirements to governing boards, shareholders or staff, we can work with you to produce high quality documents that clearly capture your key messages and successes, while ensuring a clean, clear design to reflect your company’s brand and values. As well as design, we can also assist with copywriting, editing, proofing, printing and distribution of these documents, to guarantee a perfect finish.

Internal and external signage

Internal and external signage can be a critical marketing tool for companies, especially those with a retail focus. We’ll come and visit your premises to talk through your requirements, and add our own ideas about how you could utilise the physical features of your site, as well as adding that something special that will help your business stand out above others. We work directly with signage companies to provide all the design files to ensure your brand is properly represented, while leaving the installation to the experts. There are a huge range of options available with signage now, including building signage, flags, flanners, glass frosting, billboards, personalised wallpaper and so much more. We’ll also challenge you to think about the small things – the sign on your front door and even your price tags. We can also design vehicle signage so your business vehicles become selling tools out on the road.

Advertisingprint and digital

Advertising is a rapidly changing business these days, with a significant shift from print to digital advertising. However, there is still demand for print advertising, especially in key sectors such as tourism and clients are often looking for a combination of both. We work with you to identify the best placement for your advertising (if required), as well as helping you define your messaging and then design print-ready ads, for both print and digital advertising.

Print and digital advertising both have a unique purpose, so if you are interested in doing some advertising but aren’t sure where to start, we can help you review your market, your key audiences, your competitors, your budget and your goals to develop an advertising schedule with you.