We offer full communication and writing services, including strategy and documentation writing, SEO and social media content, communication plans, copywriting and editing. Our team has extensive communications experience, across the fields of strategy development, corporate communications, journalism and digital content.

Good communications is about getting your message across with the right words at the right time, whether you are developing a website, annual report, marketing brochure, press release or marketing campaign. Here’s a few key tips we want to share about the importance of strong communication and great content.

You can influence how your audience thinks, feels and reacts – with words.

These days, whether you are creating website content, brochure copy, social media posts or writing marketing strategies, the tone, language and message all have a huge impact on whether your audience responds how you want them to. Do you want them to feel something, learn something or do something? And is your message clear?

Sometimes when you work ‘in’ your business all day, every day, it’s really easy to lose perspective on what it’s like to be ‘the customer’. That’s where Level come in – we provide an outside perspective, offering a fresh – and professional – set of eyes to review your language, tone and messaging and ensure your information, both corporate and marketing, is as relevant as possible.

The best content is that which truly reflects who you are and what you do.

Having good quality content is really important – not to impress the search engines, but to impress the humans who are actually reading it. In the past, less than scrupulous SEO content creators got away with fooling the search engine algorithms with irrelevant and repetitive content, to increase the search engine ranking of a website. Now, thankfully, the algorithms have won the race, and the number one rule is now very much about creating great content. This means being really clear about who you are as a business, and what you do. The next step is to let the search engines know all your great content is there, so your audience can find it (this is something Level can help with too).

Professional writing skills affect how your documents are received and recognised.  

Professional writing skills are a dying art. For most people, the thought of drafting a strategy document, business plan or a white paper for a business case study is terrifying. For us at Level, it’s an awesome opportunity to help you get across information that is important to your intended audiences. We can work with a verbal brief, reference material, or your own draft to develop high quality content that captures whatever you’re working on – your brand story, marketing strategy, communications plan, annual report, business plan, press release… anything involving words! A professional, high quality finish can make all the difference when you’re producing a document or report. We will make sure your material is professionally written and produced, so it has the impact you’re hoping for.

Spell check doesn’t always pick up errors, but our editing and proofing services do.

Have you ever found a glaring typo on the first page of a document, which has then affected how you perceive the quality of everything else you read after that point? As well as content writing and copywriting, we can also help with editing and proofing – think of us as your human spell check. We can standardise documentation that has been added to and altered over the years, review documents to ensure a consistent style and tone of voice, or update old content. We will give you the assurance that your document is concisely written, well constructed and most of all, typo-free!