We offer full branding services, including company or product name development, logo design and development, rebranding to refresh an out-dated brand and brandstyle development to give you clear guidelines on how to use your new brand.

Branding is the best investment you can make in your company – it tells people who you are and defines your role in the market. An organisation’s logo and branding are its visual representation. Your logo and branding help define your organisation and create an image for people to remember you by.

Naming your company or product

The first step in this process for you may be your logo, or if you are a new company starting out, it may even be your company name. Level is happy to guide you through this naming process, offering a number of tools including facilitated workshops, to help you reach your final decision. It is important to get your name right, and the Level team will help you evaluate the competitiveness and effectiveness of your company name, its relevance (today and in the future), any design challenges and patent and copyright issues you may face.

Creating identity and value through logos

The creation of a logo is more than just designing an image around a company name, or an ‘icon’ to sit next to your company name. A great logo should not tell people who you are, so much as tell them what you stand for. Over time, a great logo will begin to mean something to people, and it will be easily recognised as a symbol of your values. Great logos must be simple, memorable, long-lasting, relevant and versatile – and of course it needs to appeal to your target audiences and reflects your business values.

At Level, we work with you to develop a full brief for your new logo, to ensure we understand what is important to you. Then we go away and do our own market research and referencing, to understand where your brand will sit in the market, and how we can differentiate you from your competitors. This is when we get out the sketch pad and develop a range of ideas, which we narrow down to three unique concepts. With your feedback and input, we then focus on one of these concepts, which we develop into your final logo. We also design your business card and letterhead to help get your business up and running.


Rebranding your business

If you have an existing logo that is dated or no longer relevant to your business focus, we can also help you work through a rebranding process. We will work through what is working and not working with your brand, and then look at how we can refresh your brand to make it relevant and modern, while still retaining the equity you’ve built up in your existing brand.

Brandstyle to create your ‘look and feel’

Your branding is the look and feel of your marketing collateral and sits alongside your logo to create a strong, memorable, cohesive brand presence. It encompasses everything from the fonts and colours of your brand to the style of photography and graphic elements used. We work with you to produce a style, as well as a set of guidelines which can then be used to create all future marketing collateral.

Good branding and guidelines not only ensure a professional and memorable brand image, but also save time and money in the development of future collateral as key design decisions have already been made and each piece builds on the last, instead of starting from scratch. With your brand guidelines in place, you can easily engage with contractors to develop vehicle signage, building signage, printed materials or company merchandise.