Facebook for Business
Just because everyone has access to Facebook, it doesn't mean Facebook is either easy or cheap when it comes to marketing. Here are three things the average small business should ask before getting into Facebook for Business.

Number 1: Are you interested?

If you are genuinely passionate about and interested in your product or service you are going to find it much easier to market on Facebook. Why? Because you need to be able to think like your customers do. If you are selling shoes, your Facebook feed should already be filled with your favourite stores and suppliers of shoes. If you are a personal trainer, your feed should be full of the best fitness resources, both on and offline.

For your Facebook page to really work, you should be following your inspirations, your opposition, and your related industries. For example, if you sell boat trailers you should follow boatyards and boating events. If you are selling canvas or fishing rods, the same holds true. And so on and so on. Being interested will make you, and your Facebook page more interesting.

Number 2: Do you have content?

Content! Content! Content! It’s all about content – good, quality content. Your customers won’t always be interested in links to other internet articles with little comment or explanation. They want more than that; they want original, relevant, thought-provoking and inspiring content. Facebook users need a good reason to hit like and an even better reason to comment and engage.

If I have liked your page, I expect you to post things relevant to why I like you in the first place. If you sell fishing gear, I want to see information about all the latest gear, as well as seeing what you caught with it and tips about how to use it. Keep your photos from your boys’ weekends for your personal page, and make sure the content on your business page is relevant to what you are selling. If you don’t have great content, it’s best to simply wait until you do.

Images are also really important when it comes to content. You don’t need professional photos but they do need to be clear, in focus and have good lighting. Most modern phones have cameras that are up to the task, so try and capture as many moments as you can that could be good content for Facebook – the more options you have, the better, and a picture can definitely be worth a thousand words when it comes to social media.

As a business owner it’s up to you just think carefully about what might be interesting to your customers. Sometimes it might take up to an hour to hunt down the perfect picture, add effective text and colour overlays and write an outstanding caption but the engagement received is tenfold. Invest the time into your content, trust us, it’s worth it.

Number 3: Do you have the time/resources?

Using social media as a platform to promote your business/service requires more investment than you probably think. Our article ‘Digital Strategy – Getting Started‘ highlights all of the different elements needed to develop an effective strategy, with time being a huge factor. If you think you do have the time, great! If you’re having second thoughts, perhaps it is worth speaking to a professional. Alternatively, here are a few resources we think worth taking a look at:

Hubspot social media marketing blog

Social media marketing tips from Social Media Examiner

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Be interested (and therefore interesting), create great content and invest the time and you’ll be on your way to pulling off an awesome Facebook Business page. Remember, you only get out what you put in!

If you need someone to help figure out if Facebook is right for your business get in touch with us today.